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Let's assume the average PCS (Permanent Change of Station) takes 2.5 months to plan, pack, unpack and then readjust in a new city, town, or duty station. That's not a lot of time when it comes to everything that's involved, especially if you're a family with kids. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you settle more comfortably into your new surroundings.

Every Move Is Different

Because no two moves are the same, the best thing to do is embrace the differences in locales and go with the flow in your new city or station as soon as possible.

Delegate Duties For All Household Members

Some people write out everything that needs to be done by each family member. When it comes to PCS-related appointments, make those stand out with a

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What does it mean to have a Military Relocation Professional designation?

Choosing a realtor can be a tricky process.  Making sense of what all those acronyms mean after a name doesn’t make it any easier.   Don’t realtors all do the same things?

Many realtors for some reason or another choose to specialize, hone their craft a bit, and educate themselves on all sorts of topics such as green housing, senior living, short sales, and the list goes on and on.  Focusing on the military, my personal specialty, is an area requiring education and understanding beyond your everyday real estate transaction.

Through extensive training, we are walked through the everyday challenges military personnel face from when they receive their PCS orders to get

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